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Our organization is affiliated to the federation of my country KAI (Karate association of India) and are members of WKF attended the WKF premier league on 2015 held at Dubai. At all the years on District, State and national level Bujustu India’s students will participate. We also giving importance to sports karate. We also giving importance to shitoryu, Taijitsu, Taiho jutsu, Keibo jutsu, Iaido-myataryu our soke’s are yuchi Negishi and Jose Antonio Valcarcel. My masters are Hanshi Herminia Benito and Kyoshu Jesus consuegra. I had visited Spain in 2015. Attended the camp and achieved 6th dan black belt on 2017-18 Bujustsu sosei international team visited India gave training and conducted Black Belt test of students. We have Branches in not only India, but also also at Srilanka.


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Bujutsu ShitoryuKarate Training Center is Very versatile system work and useful for the security Forces in these cases the training provided relates to the application of specific techniques for the development of their work.

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Our organization is affiliated to the Federation of my country FVKD and are member of the WKF.Went for our country and competi for 10 years. attended the World Cup in Mexico 1990.My students have always competed in WKF.But we do not do sports karate alone.We also have training in Shito-Ryu Karate.

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